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((NNGAH! D> The most EVIL, most REPREHENSIBLE member of the RP has returned...

Moi. >w>; I am so terribly sorry for my lack of obedience, and further increasing of procrastination.

For my sins, I SHOULD be booted out on the streets... But, please! D;

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for Ms. Marshmallow, the Interpretor AND Ocho.

I've really been remiss, and I am so going to make up for it. >w>;
Then again, this place is still pretty barren... Which saddens me.

We need new recruits! We need to spread the word, people!

We must become active, not submissive! WHO'S WITH ME?!

... Hopefully SOMEONE... >w>; ))

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Glaciliina Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Der einzige deutsche Mother 3 fan!)

Glaciliina Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Bist du deutsch? xD ich dachte ich währ der einzige mother 3 fan!)

CRT1000 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
motheroc-ivan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Augh, the accursed Valley! Ivan was really unsure how he managed to get through the place, with all it's deep, endless seeming holes in the ground. It had to pure luck.

Still, the looming tower ahead had caught his attention. How could it not, though? not only was it tall, but it was a bright color, as well. It would definitely be considered suspicious it it wasn't for the ability to see it from a mile away.

Maybe that was how it was, though. Maybe it was supposed to be seen. Or, maybe Ivan was thinking it over too hard.

In any case, it seemed barren. Carefully, he walks towards the building, hoping for a free way in.

( tehe, I keep writing long ones, but, I hope it is, a good starting point? hm.... ))
M3-Miss-Marshmallow Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011
(( Ooh~ Very... mystical. Of mystique~ ))

"Abandoned. Sigh... How could I be left like this?" The emotionally drained robot complained. Sitting by the window, she groaned, as nothing seemed to change. There were no signs of life, kilometres into the distance.

"Those naughty, naughty Pigmasks, disappearing left and right. Heck, I don't even have any more cleaning to do!"

Right at that moment, something piqued the bickering maid's interest. Was that... a boy? He was getting closer to the tower.

In any other situation, Ms. Marshmallow would be prepared for a full slaughtering. But... she was so lonely. Maybe she could keep him around for some tea...

... And THEN kill him. "Sounds good," She said to herself nonchalantly.

Quickly, she scurried down the flight of stairs, to let the boy in.
motheroc-ivan Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
(( oh, aww~! I guess so! ...But oh my! She doesn't even know him, and she's already thinking about killing him? ahahaha, poor Ivan~ O: ))

Ah, so far, so good...

The boy slowly crept closer, his confidence rising as, even up close, the building had looked like it had seen better day.
"Ha!" He said to himself, his laugh a bit hoarse, "This place really IS a wasteland, there's not a soul about.."

The boy put a finger to his chin, thinking over the situation. Why would this tower be abandoned, though? Was it the size? or Perhaps, something had came up and they had to leave it to deteriorate? The possibilities might as well of been endless. Peeking about for a bit would thin out the amount of answers, though..

Swallowing back a small whine from being let out, he reaches out to open the door and start his investigation.
M3-Miss-Marshmallow Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
(( Quite. ;D And, don't worry! Ms. Marshmallow'll toy with him for long enough for him to escape. XD ))

*Ms. Marshmallow, leant against the gaping doorway, peers through the small peep hole. She was right, it was a boy who had trespassed. He seemed... focused. On what, Ms. Marshmallow wondered.

Ms. Marshmallow gave a sly grin, deciding to beat the inquisitive boy to the punch. As he reached out for the doorknob, Ms. Marshmallow swung open the gaping doorway, the hinges moaning loudly*

Who may YOU be, little boy?

*She stood at the doorway, a teacup in her hand. A look of worry was on her face*

Are you lost, dear?
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Mother3-Duster Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011

"You? I thought we FINISHED you." Duster mutters. He clutched a pair of wall staples tightly. He was not happy to see the robot back in commission.

(( Gueeessss whooooo? ))
M3-Miss-Marshmallow Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
(( 8D Eggplant! I didn't know you liked Duster. XD To be honest, I already love your take on him. You've got him down pat. ))

I? You thought you defeated I, the most cunning, most DEVIOUS Cleaning Device in the history of cleaning devices?

... You surely must be mistaken. Little Ms. Marshmallow loses to no man, nor woman.

Nor hippies, neighbours, farmers, caretakers, lawyers, or washing machines. And most DEFINITELY not ATMs.

Try your worst, bigshot.
Mother3-Duster Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
(( That's right. I decided to take on Duster because A: I needed a hero. B: I love the guy. He's like...the epitome of bad qualities but he still gets the job done. Oh, and this is only the beginning of what I'm working on with the group. I'm not an admin, but I'm recruiting some people from other RPs to join us! In other words, I think we may start seeing more activity again...and for that matter, chat activity. c: ))

Duster listens to Marshmallow carefully. She seemed in...not ready to go haywire at any minute, different. This would mean she'd be a harder fight..right? Then again, he calculated that without the programming to protect a certain object, like, oh, say, the Yo-Yo, then she may not be up to well as the fact that she may be programmed not to do as much damage. Well, there was only one way to see which of these assertations were correct.

Rather instead of using the Wall Staple, he tosses out a smoke bomb to cloud up Marshmallow's vision!
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